What Is Provably Fair

People may sometimes wonder how online casinos operate, and whether they are trying to cheat the players. They say everything is random, they are shuffling cards and showing numbers, but you cannot see how they are doing it.

That is why a method was created for proving that the numbers and the shuffles are random and fair. This method is called Provably Fair, and it has revolutionized the fair play game. Provably Fair is conducted in those games where the digital currency bitcoin is used. On gambling web sites that apply the Provability Fair method you have the opportunity to immediately check whether the card shuffle was authentic.

Provably Fair technology is unique to those online casinos that use bitcoin, but not all bitcoin online casinos offer this provably fair type of gaming. Online casinos that use this type of technology can be considered legit and fair, because provably fair method eliminates the possibility for the casino or some player to cheat and alter the outcome of the game in any way. Any play that looks suspicious can be easily examined by using cryptographic, so it can be easily proved that the outcome of the game has been fair and calculated correctly.

Bitcoin online gaming can be considered more trustworthy than the traditional gambling in brick and mortar casinos, because traditional casinos do not use this kind of provability of fairness.

How exactly does this provability fair method works? It works in a way in which the data is getting converted in hash strings, and then it gets verified and checked by an algorithm. If something unusual happens, such as some mistake in payouts or some interference, then the hash string will not get verified. If you are a player, you can easily go and check the outcome of any type of bet you have made. That makes bitcoin gambling transparent, which in turn gives players confidence that everything is fair. Every type of casino game has a unique algorithm for calculation of game fairness.

One of the biggest benefits that come with systems that use provability fair method is that the auditing or verification by third parties is not necessary. Its biggest downside is that it can be target of some unscrupulous competitors on the market that may claim that the provider of the services is cheating. The service provider can also be a target to hackers if there are some flaws in the security of the website.

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