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Established Year 2015
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Poker Automatics ( is not an online gaming site, instead it is more of an investment opportunity based around the game of poker, but you will not be playing. The system which the site uses is incredibly complicated to actually understand, but basically involves robots playing poker for profit and this being split back between the investors (you!). The layout of the site is very easy to use, which is useful since the processes used by the site can often be very hard to understand so being able to easily navigate the site enables people to find all of the information they can want to learn more about the site. Unlike many sites available today, it has not been based on a template which can be bought and customised, it has been completely designed from scratch based o what was required for this site, showing how serious Poker Automatics is about helping is investors.
The investment opportunities on Poker Automatics are numerous and it has 7 different ways which you can invest (and obviously it is up to each player how much they would like to invest) and all of them promise 40%-80% profit. The principal returns people can get from the site are 0.4% to 1.3% daily for 30-180 days based on the investment option chose. There is a “deposits” section on the site which has far more details about all of these options so people can make an informed choice about their money.
Poker Automatics is advertised as a risk free way of making passive income without having to have any skills at playing poker. Experts have advised that it is a very sensible choice for people willing to invest a large amount of money, but for the smaller investors they have warned that there is still a small margin of error so small investors should be careful not to invest more than they can afford to lose.



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