Other ways to get bitcoin

There are plenty of other ways for getting bitcoins. Probably one of the simplest ways for earning them is just to accept them as a payment method. If you own a small company, the bitcoin integration is done quite easily through getting an online bitcoin wallet.

There are lots of websites that offer free bitcoins. Most of them will give you a smaller amount for just visiting the site and watching something on it, such as advertisements, music or video clips. This concept is ok, but you will not get plenty of bitcoins in exchange for the time spent on the website. Earning bitcoins by finishing certain tasks on websites is all right for earning some bitcoins, but you should not expect to become rich with bitcoins.

Earning bitcoins from interest payments is another interesting option for getting bitcoins. If you own some bitcoins, you can use them for getting even more bitcoins just by lending them to other people. Lending can be done directly to some person you know. You just agree on the interest rate and the time frame in which you lend the bitcoins. Bitcoin lending peer-to-peer on websites is another option. There are many lending sites on the internet, where the borrowers are putting their requests for funding, and you have the option to make a contribution towards their loan. However, be careful when lending bitcoins and do it only on trustworthy websites and with people that can be trusted.

You can also earn bitcoins by accepting tips. It is the same way like you are accepting them as a payment method. All you need is an online wallet and a code with your address. There are many places where you can get bitcoin tips. A good thing with this option is that you do not have to have some kind of shop. Just a simple website or a blog is enough. All you have to do is to display the QR-code or your address on your website, and let people decide about the amount they want to tip you.

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