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Casino Overview

For those involved in Bitcoin sports betting, there’s an exciting new platform available that they can wager on. NextBit is the new Bitcoin-powered gambling site that provides secure, top-notch sports betting services that will make every match and tournament highly rewarding and exciting for you. With NextBit, you can bet on your preferred teams and favorite sports by simply visiting the betting platform and choosing an event to bet on.

Game Type

What’s great about NextBit is that it offers an array of sports that allows bettors to make wagers seven days prior to the actual sporting event. This means that you have the freedom to pick your desired sports and matches and then place the bets as early as you want to. You can find most of the popular and in-demand events that are taking place on the sports scene such as football and several others. NextBit covers almost all of the major sports, events, and matches.

Casino Bonus

NextBit is a betting site which relies on fractional betting odds so that all the players will easily understand how the betting process works. This is ideal for those who don’t have any knowledge of sports betting.
Additionally, Bitcoin players can anticipate other types of wagers such as money line, parlay, and total. NextBit offers multiple ways of placing bets on a wide variety of popular sporting events so that the players can take pleasure from all the opportunities to increase their bankroll, especially when these bets are affordable.

Customer support

This Bitcoin online betting site offers an excellent betting interface which is user-friendly, straightforward and appreciable for all players. With just a few clicks, you can place the wagers conveniently without having to go through strenuous steps.
NextBit also encourages interested bettors to wager right away through a simple registration process. You can provide a username and password, and you’ll have a NextBit account in no time. Another great thing is that users can register multiple accounts.



  • The processing of transactions is instant.
  • Easy and simple registration; start betting right away.
  • Most of the popular sporting events available for betting.
  • Wagers are accepted seven days prior to the event.
  • It relies on fractional betting odds.
  • User-friendly, simple and straightforward interface.
  • 100% Bitcoin-based sports betting site.
  • AES-256 encryption for better security.
  • Separate servers for the website and transactions to prevent attacks and secure your Bitcoins.
  • Independent Bitcoin wallets so that you can openly track your bets.


  • Registration required for betting.
  • Designed only for sports bettors.
  • Miner’s fee deduction from the transaction.

NextBit is an amazing betting site for sports bettors, and it offers all the right features such as smooth and easy transactions, multiple wagering methods, and top-notch security. It covers most of the major sporting events, which is why it has quickly become a favorite among sports bettors. Sports betting was never as easy as it is now with NextBit and what’s even better is that it’s 100% Bitcoin-based.

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