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Casino Overview

iBet789 is one of Asia’s leading online gaming and betting websites. It has much to offer including all sporting events and online gambling. It is an online sportsbook and very popular around the world because it supports multiple languages. Moreover, it is the 1st sports betting casino where online gamers can bet with real players present in the casino. It uses Asia Live technology. Anyone into online betting simply cannot resist iBet789. Despite the saturation in the betting industry, iBet789 has made itself a recognizable brand within a very short span of time. If you are into online betting or even live betting, you might not want to miss a chance to get registered yourself on iBet789.

Game Type

It is an online sportsbook that offers live betting as well as a mobile sportsbook. It uses ALT software. No download is required for gaming, which accounts for its popularity. It offers a wide variety of betting options. You can place any wager you like such as if bets, parlays, and teasers.


iBet789 does not offer any bonus to its valued customers or newbies, which is actually a drawback. This is one of the things that iBet789 needs to work on.


Its website does not hold much information but its customer service team is active 24/7, and you can contact them for any queries. First, there’s the email address given on the page where you can contact and then there are numerous hotlines available. Live chat is also available. iBet789 encourages its players for feedback and players are free to complain and suggest their views.


The competitive edge is one of the major reasons why iBet789 is so successful as it provides customers with what they want. Secondly, iBet789 makes sure it does not lose its customers by offering them an incredible user interface and financial betting center. Therefore, these customers bring high revenue to iBet789. It has earned the trust of its player because it provides a secure platform for gambling, which has made it one of Asia’s leading brands in the sports and financial betting industry.
iBet789 has an enticing franchise package to start a lucrative sports and financial betting center because of its pricing. The profit sharing ratio allows its financial business partners to cover the invested money. The platform is efficient for many types of betting, which is why a player is attracted to the extent that they might not even try to explore any other betting website and stick to iBet789.
Despite all the amazing stuff, iBet789 has a lot to improve. The first important step is registration which, in the case of iBet789, is tough and you will have to contact the agent to set up an account. The site needs an upgrade because it does not give a good image of the site. The interface is very complicated and the site does not hold much information, so a new player might get confused. Depositing and withdrawing cash also need an agent, which is another drawback because most players do not like to be dependent.

Contact Information

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