FortuneJack Casino Bonus

This online Bitcoin gambling center offers the best bonuses for its players. Among these are first deposit bonus, loyalty program, weekly bonuses, and 100 percent deposit bonus.

Jack’s favorite
To be eligible for this bonus offer, players should at least gamble a certain amount of Bitcoins in different games. Games like the binary trader, keno, fortune slot, video poker, black jack, Endorphina slots, fortune wheel and live game require a minimum bet of 0.2 Bitcoins and 1 Bitcoin for the game of dice.
Jack’s favorite will be rewarded from either of these options. The winner will receive ten free spins of fortune slot with a total worth of 0.005 Bitcoins or 3 boosted rounds on keno, and each bet winning will be twice the time of your bet or the winner will be awarded two Bitcoins GTD bingo tickets. These are premium room tickets. One line will receive 0.4 Bitcoins, two lines 0.6 Bitcoins and on a full house, 1 Bitcoin.

Loyalty membership
To maintain its player’s commitment towards the casino, FortuneJack has introduced a loyalty program for its members. Points will be debited and credited to your account according to your wins and losses. Earning one loyalty point is equivalent to 0.001 Bitcoin. After accumulating 100 points, your points are manually converted into bitcoins. You can quickly cash your balance whenever you want. The stake percentage of every game differs. Keno and fortune slot is 100 percent, video poker and binary trader is 20 percent, Endorphina slots, Betsoft slots and fortune wheels are 10 percent, and live games 5 percent. There is no complicated procedure attached to it. You become a loyalty member as soon as you start playing. This membership program is divided into five categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Legendary. You start at the Bronze level. These categories are further divided into three categories. The more you play, the more advantages can be gained, and the higher the category you can reach.

100 percent deposit bonus
This offer gives a fabulous chance to beginners for earning double on their deposit worth up to 3 Bitcoins. You can claim your reward in chunks of 2.5 percent of your initial bet amount. Your minimum bet should be 40 times the original bet amount. Unable to meet any requirement will not qualify you for gaining this bonus. A few things should be taken into consideration. Firstly, any coins gambled in dice are not counted for a welcome bonus. Secondly, there is no time limit on these bonuses. Furthermore, the bonuses will be credited in the currency you deposited first. Finally, the deposit bonus will not be activated if the player deposits less than 0.01 Bitcoins.

Weekly promotions
FortuneJack comes with exciting offer each week to attract its customers. Currently, two offers are going on. The top 3 unlucky players can redeem 20 percent of their loss each week. The three unlucky players are determined by the accumulated deposits that they lose. Furthermore, five constructed chat users are rewarded with Bitcoins according to their rank. First place earns 0.004 Bitcoins, second place 0.003, third place 0.002 and fourth 0.001 Bitcoins.

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