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Casino Overview

FastFantasy site is having simple features and it is providing the convenient ways to play the sport games through the legal app which is compatible for both Android and iOS device. This mobile app is more unique and people can use this app for sports betting because it is having the legal permissions. FastFantasy is the sports betting website and they are providing more fantasy games to the players. They are having the more unique app and different rules and they are servicing this kind of sports betting in Canada and United States.

Game Type

When it comes to the game type of FastFantasy then it is focused on the

  • National Soccer event
  • NBA
  • NHL

One of the unique features in a FastFantasy, instead of betting the other players, you can bet against the house. So players can select the minimum number of four athletes to the maximum number of ten athletes. So betting also done on the flat currency and they are providing the bitcoin related games. American football betting and soccer betting are the most important types of games in this app.


Basically this website does not offer the formal promotions but fortunately they are offering the special occasion bonus. If you are willing to get the bonus in this site then you have to refer your friends to this site through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Usually these kinds of bonus are credited by the players account and if you are planning to withdraw the amount then you have to bet the equivalent amount before withdraw. For example if you get the bonus for 10 dollar then player has to first bet ten dollar on sports betting before withdraw your bonus.


Usually FastFantasy offers the two different kind of support to the players; first players can send the email to the admin address. If you are sending the email then players can get the replay as soon as possible. In case you are willing to send the email then players can use the second option which mean calling on the phone. They are providing the both support efficiently and effectively so if you want to know about this site features or you might have a query about this site then you can clarify with them through email or phone.



When it comes to the pros of this site then there are plenty of pros are there in this site such as

  • E-mail and mobile support
  • Simple rules
  • Easy to access the mobile app
  • Mobile capable
  • Different betting methods

This site is having the simple rules when compared to the other site and one of the major advantages of this site is platform compatibility such as android and iOS device.


  • This site allows Canada and United States players only.
  • Location instructions.
  • Strict signup features.
  • Players have to use Flat currency only.

One of the main drawbacks of this site, this site is restricted for other players expect Canada and United States people.

Contact Information

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