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Casino Overview

FanDuel is one of the largest and most popular fantasy sports sites in the world. The site lets you create your own line for the leagues and their competitions on the site. It is great for those people who want to test their skills in fantasy sports. The fantasy sports that are available are basketball, baseball, and football among others. The site lets you win real cash, is very easy to use, and has a great looking interface. Your winnings are dependent on the points you earn in the competition and what was the award for a particular competition. FanDuel also has a mobile app that lets you have fun on the go.

Game Type

Fantasy contests are available on MLB, NHL, NBA and others. Contests are also available on college basketball and football. There is a total of four competitions that are available. These include head to head games, tournament contests, 50/50 and leagues. In head to head games, your team plays with the other team; challenges can be created by you and the winner takes the pool. In a 50/50 league, the players at the top get double their stakes. The rest is the same as the standard leagues. Contests are always available, so you can enter them with various cap salaries. There are multiple contests like beginner, standard and expert. The tournament pay-outs are the highest. There are multiple types of tournaments including multiplayer tournaments.


FanDuel has a bonus policy and promo codes. The promo codes are launched from time to time. The bonus is available to users, but it is not much. You can get points whenever you deposit money in your FanDuel account. These points can be used in FanDuel. You can also get a bonus whenever you enter a contest. You will get 4% of the amount you used for the contest. For a contest of $50, you will get $2 as bonus money.


FanDuel support is very good and replies quickly within 12 hours. To get support from the site, simply click on the help tab. There are FAQs present as well if your problems can be solved through them. If FAQs cannot help you, you can submit a support request with a custom message.



The benefits of FanDuel are that there are daily fantasy leagues and once you are in a season, it is not compulsory to complete the whole season. Furthermore, the pay-outs are automatic at the end of the leagues and the lowest price of a league is $1. The interface and the experience are great and you will love it.


The cons of FanDuel are very few. Some users may face some technical issues. Plus, the game can be too addictive, taking up a lot of your time. Moreover, you cannot play traditional fantasy sports as you can only play daily or weekly sports.

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