BitRoulette Review


Casino Overview

The BitRoulette online casino is one of the popular casinos that is powered by the popular bitcoin digital currency. The casino provides bettors with a completely different experience. BitRoulette offers great features that are of interest to many new gamblers. It is completely fair as the spins are random and the pattern of the spins cannot be guessed or determined as they are generated by a computer program. Even the people behind the program cannot predict the spin. The casino provides many games that can also be played as multiplayer. The overall look of the casino is very professional, and the interface is user-friendly. The site can also be used on a mobile phone. The payment method is secure and all the data and IPs are not tracked or stored. The overall experience of BitRoulette is very satisfying.

Game Type

BitRoulette has a total of 74 games on the site. It is expected that BitRoulette would have many roulette games, but this is not the case. It has only three roulette games. They are namely American Roulette, Classic Roulette, and Multiplayer Roulette. Other categories of games are also present on the site. These categories are poker, blackjack, baccarat, and slots. The poker category has a total of four games such as Caribbean poker and oasis poker. The blackjack category has a total of 5 games, including one deck and European blackjack. There is a total of two games in the baccarat category, which are multiplayer baccarat and normal baccarat. The slots category has the most number of games i.e. 60. This category is further divided into two sub-categories namely HD 5-reel slots and retro slots. There are also games in the multiplayer category.


If you are expecting to get some bonuses or any VIP programs from the site, you need to go somewhere else. This site does not offer any kind of bonus or promotion programs, but it does have an affiliate program. You can get 15% of the profits of the person you refer. The computed profit is 3% of the total amount of the lost bets. The amount is very small, but you can earn a lot if you have a lot of referrals. You are able to get the profit once the person you referred earns something from BitRoulette.


The site provides methods if you are in need of assistance. There is a total of two methods to get assistance from BitRoulette. The first method is through email; there is an online form on the site in the Contact section. The site also has 24/7 call assistance, and a call can also be placed on Skype to get assistance.



The pros of BitRoulette are that there are quite a number of games available and the interface is good and can be used on a mobile phone. Multiple payment methods are also available, and the games can also be played for fun without any real money.


The cons of the site are that there are no bonuses and promotions. The affiliate program is present but the profit involved is very tiny, and the Skype support is not always active. The site also gives multiple withdrawal options, but one cannot withdraw money as cryptocurrencies.

Contact Information

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