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Casino Overview

Betting has always been a nice way of winning too much. One part of our gambler life lies in the betting. With the passage of time, the tough routine has made it difficult to physically be at a sports ground and make a bet on the favorite horse. The time can be cruel, but the internet is not. Now you can bet on the sports events online from anywhere in the world. The bet is on the bitcoins. The bitcoins are the standard online currency that you can use to bet, and once you win, you can have the currency in your digital pocket. BetBTC is an online platform that welcomes all the players from all over the world to bet for the bitcoins. Here are some of the details of this platform.

Game Type

The BetBTC is a platform that allows you to bet on the game that you love. You can bet on the sports. There are different tabs for cricket, football, tennis, soccer and good old horse riding. You can choose the game where you think you can win the money. Find your favorite horse or favorite team and risk some bitcoins on them. Once you win, you will have the bitcoins at once.

Casino Bonus

Unfortunately, the BetBTC is not offering any bonuses. You do not get any bonuses for signing up on this website. You can bet and win, but nothing is being offered by the website. It is just between the users and the website has nothing to do with it. You have to pay for whatever you do. You must not expect any bonus from the website if you win a bet. There are no VIP programs and nothing that may sound like a bonus. 

Customer Support

You are betting on your favorite player, so you need confirmations and queries answered. The support team is there to help you out in this case. You can contact the support team with many channels and get your question answered. There is only one way by which you can contact the support team. You can send the support team in a message directly from the website. They will get it and get your problem solved in less than few hours. You can also contact the website by email.


Pros and Cons
The BetBTC may be something that you really wanted, but it has some disadvantages and shortcoming as wells. It is the best platform that you can have for betting and betting good, but you need to know everything about it before you make the next move.

  • The best platform to make bets and enjoy the life you once had.
  • Access to all the important events that you can bet on.
  • The straight communication between the users.
  • Completely genuine transaction and no complications.
  • Have the list of whatever happening in the fields.


  • There is no proper support system.
  • The response from the support team is not consistent.
  • The bitcoins change their value time by time.
  • There are no bonuses available, not at the time of deposit nor at any win.

Contact Information

mail_iconsupport@betbtc.comsupport_iconLive Chat Support

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