Best Bitcoin Dice Games Review&Rated 2016


Regardless whether you are just a new dice player or an enthusiast that wants to give a boost to the bankroll, you must first get properly informed about where are the best bitcoin dice games. This popular and widespread game of chance has many interesting details, so you should know where to gamble. There are even some dice strategies that you can implement for better results.

In this review, you will learn and find out which bitcoin gaming platform is best for you. That way you can make an informed decision where to play and maximize your profits. Your bitcoin gambling experience would be much better if you know what gambling site is best. Learn about the different systems and you will play dice like a professional.

Dice game playing is extremely easy. There is a chance for you to make huge profits from this game even if you do not posses any skills. Everything you need to do is just predict how  the roll will end, whether it is going to be “low” or “high”, bet on the outcome, and see whether  you are lucky. Some sites even offer free dice play.

It can be difficult to find the best possible gaming site for bitcoin dice game, because there are lots of factors that need to be considered. After all, you want to play on the best possible site where you can gamble most efficiently with your bitcoins. So, in order to make it easier for you, the following is the review and rating of the best bitcoin dice game websites. By considering these reviews, you will have a thorough and informed view about all the specifics and details about these websites, including their transparency, security and fair games.

Crypto-games.netIf you are a novice dice game player, then is the place for you to play. It is a great place to start and get familiar with gaming. The site uses provably fair system, and the community of players is pretty big. There is a good option for auto betting and you can easily vary your bet ranges. Crypto-games is not one of the biggest or best bitcoin gambling sites, but is great if you search for simple site or if you are just starting with dice playing. The interface is not very flashy in comparison to other sites, but it is very functional and simple.

Rollin.ioIf you want to try a new type of Bitcoin dice game, then is the place to play. It has a beautiful interface, and it offers high house edge. Customer support is top-notch, and another positive thing is that the site does not require you to officially register and open up account. You can obtain just an URL in order to access your bitcoin balance. has an attractive and different look from other dice sites, because the completed rolls are displayed in digital LED numbers – green color for wining bets, red for losing. You can roll the dice manually or automatically, and this site is also provably fair.

primedice-bitcoin-diceThis site has a sleek interface, great graphics and nice layout. Their staff is constantly available through chat to help you, and this site has some pretty good characteristics. If you want to socialize with other players and chat while playing, then this is a perfect site for you. It offers nice playing experience of the dice game. exists for a few years now and it laid the grounds for the other bitcoin dice sites. It is safe, secure and it offers some pretty nice, professional features, such as using a custom theme, it is mobile-friendly, it has a free bitcoin faucet and the player to player edge is 0%. offers great verification method through which their users can confirm the fairness and integrity of every dice roll. This site is one of the most trusted bitcoin sites on the Internet, which makes it one of the best, if not the best dice game site. does not look like a fancy bitcoin dice game website, but it attracts players due to its simplicity. Great thing about this dice site is that if offers players to play with free crypto-currencies, just by clicking the handy faucet button on the side of the page.  Affiliate program is also great if you want to maximize your profits by referring other players to join in.  If you want to play dice without wasting time to figure out complex interfaces, then this is the place to play. It is one of the most innovative bitcoin gambling sites and its community is rapidly growing. What separates this dice game site from the rest is that it accepts different crypto-currencies. You can bet with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, by selecting the preferred method on the upper right side of their website. is pretty straightforward bitcoin gambling site, and other interesting thing is that players automatically register for play as soon as they check in on the site.

999diceAs the site name suggests, pays 99.9% of every one of your winning dice rolls. House edge is set at tiny 0.1%, which makes them best in that category. Another advantage of is that you can simultaneously place hundreds of dice bets by following a formula. You have an opportunity to place up to 200 bets at the same time, and that way you can earn profits at a faster rate. Another interesting thing is that you can adjust your bets by desired percentage. What makes attractive dice site is that you will never lose or run out of bitcoins at their site. They have a faucet that shoots hundred satoshis per hour on your account.  Also, their multilingual support is the best, as you have at least a dozen world languages to choose from. It is a relatively simple dice game site, where all you have to do is just place the bet and roll the dice.

Top Rated Bitcoin Dice Sites

Yes 0.1% 40 BTC Play Review
Yes 0.8% up to 1% 5 BTC Play Review
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Yes 1% 5 BTC Play Review
Yes 0.8% 1 BTC Play Review